Welcome to Lab. of Agricultural Mechanical System Engineering

Are you interested in the development of super labor-saving technologies in agriculture that will support our future by using machine and robotic engineering techniques and programming?
If so, why don’t you join us?

Our Laboratory Outline

We are providing research and education relating to the development of mechanical technology and systems which are necessary to support sustainable and stable food production in the agricultural sector.

  • The development of intelligent robots used as mechanical support in intelligent greenhouses that collect information on farm produce and record data on each operation.
  • The development of airflow controlling technology in intelligent greenhouses using hydraulic engineering.
  • The development of energy-saving agricultural machines for reducing environmental impact in the agricultural production field.


Overseas students : Come and study with us !

We are looking to enroll overseas students who wish to study at the faculty of agriculture in the graduate school of agriculture (MA) (https://www.ehime-u.ac.jp/english/)and the united graduate school of agricultural science (PhD), Ehime University(http://rendai.agr.ehime-u.ac.jp/english/index.html). If you want to apply, please look at the entrance examination information.

Photo: A student from India who finished her PhD in March 2015.